Wednesday, June 1, 2022

2022 May

 Hello - happy end of May!  My gosh this year is going quickly (is that an age thing!!)

A summary of my May in many pictures!  

Scissor pouches made at Chertsey Museum


Ideas for a hexi necklace, to be worked on

A purchase of a gorgeous felt doll, who may become the focus of a lesson

and a baby felt doll inspired by the same designer

We offered a few bunting sessions in the village- at least ha;lf a dozen people made some bunting . . .

and I found the stuff we made ten years ago at a previous session and hung it up on the village green

I prepped a giant Dorset button for a class at the beginning on July

And I finally finished Lisa's king size quilt that should have been for her birthday (early April!)

Apparently Luna approves too!

I'm working on extending this cotton top from my s-i-l, it needs a bit more - fingers crossed it will work as I anticipate!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

2022 April (second half)

 Hello all

This is brief run down of the last few week's:

These are prep for a class on Friday afternoon: scissor keepers!  The slightly cross eyed Owl has scissors for spectacles! 

These pics are from Crafty Church last weekend: a friend in the village has been doing some house clearance and scored the whole set of Quilter series, including all the magazines and fabric in unopened bags, and most of the "freebie" extras!  Lucy and Barbara made the first two blocks!

Another class saw the continuation of the silk screen printing class a few weeks ago: the ladies added stitches, bling, ribbon and buttons to their printed tote bags and all seemed to enjoy themselves


Yet another class saw ladies making pencil cases for an orphanage they have adopted (embarrassingly I cant remember where).  We set up quite a production line and there should be 18 or so when they are all finished.  We used a design from Aneela Houey's book, but I had to recreate it from memory as I've lost (or loaned?) the book

My Hexie swap flower garden is growing

I saw this on Facebook and wondered whether it might be the solution for finishing this?`


Monday, April 18, 2022

2022 April first half

I felt as if I had spent most of the last few weeks copying blog posts from the old blog onto this one, but as I look throuigh the photos on my phone I realsie there has been a fair amount of making too

I have ticked off some of tyhe projects in the Book of Days:

Labels for cloths store at church

Scissor labels for Kandy and her grand children

Gingers with Daisys for Mothering Sunday (do excuse the art work!)

Gingers with Ukrainian Sunflowers, and sunflowers

And red white and blue bunting for the Diamond Jubilee coming up in a few months

I then mutilated a quit!!!

I made this one quite a while ago, and I'd missed the faric in quite a few seams


As it's a size that isn't very useful, and there are lots in the same size (a single fleece blanket size)

At Richamond and Kew Quilters a month or so ago we looked at making jackets from a really simple pattern of rectangles.  It fitted by quilt perfectly - and became a no-waste pattern (coincidentally Plum and I have been looking at these) 

The construction is such that you dont have to inset the sleeves: you add the sleeves to the middle of the sides then sew two seams: from side/bottom of the jacket, up to the junction with the sleeve, then out to the sleeve cuff.

Luckily I was able to keep the quilt binding as the binding on the bottom of the jacket and as the cuffs of the sleeves.  AND I found the box of left over fabric so I can bind the centre front and the neck in the same fabric.  The photos are poor but I'll take better ones when it is ready to be shown off!

I made April's crocuses for the Facebook Hexie swap group I'm part of

And I finally got round to teaching screen printing at Chertsey Museum: it was put off from a few weeks previoulsy when I had COVID.  The ladies have printed onto tote bags (after lots of test prints on paper and waste fabric).  In a few weeks time we will embelish these

As I was buying some paint and some screens ready for the class I also ordered one I designed myself:

To design a pattern with a repeat you start off with a few parts of the design on a piece of paper the right size.  You then cut the paper into quarters and rearrange them so the newly cut pieces are the edges and the blank bits are in the centre - this enable you to add more designs

By leaving a small clear section around the pattern I can print it again and again so I get a repeating pattern.  This will now be sashiko stitched with red embroidery thread

Lisa specifically asked for a patchwork for her birthday: it needed to be bir enough to go over the top of the beds and to cover the sides!  Either for her and Jim to sleep under with blankets added for each of the according to preference, or to go on the spare bed to keep it free of cat hairs.  She chose these colours and was happy with the design.  It isn't actually finished but I wanted to be sure it was big enough before I added the binding.  I think the 225 squares represent 10 m of fabric!!!!  Anyway they like it and are delighted with the size - phew!!

A friend of Niki's asked if I could make a chemo quilt, so I did.  

There were some scraps of the fabric left over  so I added a matching tote bag

And finally a few more Gingers - This lovely couple from church gor married this week: I had made a gebneric bride abd groom but once they posted wedding photos on FB I realsied I could match their colours 

And these two from our church gor confirmed in February.  Due to work and other uissues they havent both been in chgurch since then so this weekend we were able to gift them a bible.  I made covers for them both, plus (of course) a ginger bookmark!

2022 May

 Hello - happy end of May!  My gosh this year is going quickly (is that an age thing!!) A summary of my May in many pictures!   Scissor pouc...